Leap It! (feat. Leap Motion)

Motion Pong Title Art

Leap It! (feat. Leap Motion)

So finally here’s the first “real” blog-post with – at least some – informations  about what’s going on at the moment and why we are using Leap Motion.

The title could already implicate what the main reason of the post is for. We are currently working on a little game using the Leap Motion for the Mediadesign University in Munich. In my opinion the best comparison of the game is “Pong”, that’s why we are currently call it “Motion-Pong”. Your hands are equal to a platform in the original while you are playing against an AI-Enemy using the same game mechanics as in the original. For now it’s just a project created for fun and to show it on some events to promote Leap Motion a bit.

Below you can find an example video showing an (a bit outdated) version of Motion-Pong for better imagination.

We are going to hold you up to date for sure if there are any future plans for the game to expand it. Additionally if you got a Leap Motion for yourself and want to give it a try, just download it using the link below this text.

Motion-Pong: Download (link will be updated soon)
Leap Motion: Website

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