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Star Log One is one of the most challenging projects we had the pleasure to work on until now. There are several reasons why this project is currently pushing our boundaries. But before I’m going to go into detail on the cha...

We know, we know. It was silent over here for quite a while. We were busy working on a lot of different very exciting projects over the last year with so many various aspects in technology and purpose to prepare for that one huge ...

Finally I can share my thoughts with you about one of the РI hope interesting Рtopics we are working on. Thankfully this is one of the topics which is not confidential at the moment as we are currently in the middle...


We are experts in developing games and end-to-end solutions in various different industries and on platforms like standalone-, VR-, mobile- and web-applications. We got a lot of experience working with the latest virtual reality devices by Oculus, HTC, Valve or Samsung.


With experts for C++, C#, AS3, Java, Lua, Python, PHP, HTML and MySQL we are the perfect partner to fit into a wide range of projects. We are also offering consulting services on projects that are already in the planning phase regarding frameworks or technologies to achieve the best possible outcome.

Conceptual Design

Successful development isn’t just build on spirit. It requires good documentation and a Unified vision that needs to transferred onto all developers. We collected a lot of experience creating documentations and made sure that no one is losing the vision on important aspects of the development cycle.

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