Welcome, Star Log One

Star Log One

Welcome, Star Log One

We know, we know. It was silent over here for quite a while.

We were busy working on a lot of different very exciting projects over the last year with so many various aspects in technology and purpose to prepare for that one huge challenge we are facing now:

Developing the game we are dreaming of and that is in our minds for a long time!
– Star Log One –

by Ksenia Nesterova

Basically the idea for our new project has its origin back in the beginning of 2016 and since our foundation in 2015 we always wanted to move into the direction of core-game development. Back then, virtual-reality got its upswing and we already had a lot of experience developing for virtual-reality throughout our university projects. We took that chance and established ourselves as virtual-reality developer for a wide range of virtual-reality technologies. While we love developing for virtual-reality and are always working with the cutting edge of latest technologies, we will use that knowledge to get the most out of our new game project. One of our main goals I’m personally paying much attention at, is to always use the latest technologies for putting that one special touch onto all our applications. We also won’t stop working on super exciting new innovations with our great partners in the future, but this post is dedicated to our new project for now.

Taking ourselves the time to work on what we really love and have in all our own minds while even doing this in the course of the job, is – in my opinion – one of the greatest things which can ever happen workwise.

Exactly this is, what is currently happening to us at WastedStudios… and we are so happy that this is possible for us!
Due to all our past projects and the unbelievable great support of the games fund by FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (we received a prototype funding) we got the opportunity to realize our very own core-game as in-house production right now.

The Game

As mentioned earlier we started thinking about Star Log One around one year ago. Back than our team was a bit different and we still had to find our focus. Savas (our Technical Lead) and me began to work on the rough frame of the game together with our former gamedesign professor Dominik Mieth. Next to the daily business we used every minute we found to continue working out all the details. We then met our excellent Laura Schäfer who owns a diploma in screen-writing from the well-known University for Television and Film in Munich. Together with Laura this started to go crazy (and still is). She manages to bring all this alive what Star Log One is a part of: Our very own universe.

Oh yes, Star Log One is going to be sci-fi related – but I won’t tease more of these details for now. We really set a high value on the story and the storytelling, that’s why Laura is fully integrated into our team working closely together with Marcel – our gamedesigner – on accommodating this huge world to the gameplay elements in our game.


If everything works as planned we may show some early footage at or when gamescom is happening, no promise on this one. So stay tuned and follow us if you want to stay up to date on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Nicolas Friedl
    Posted at 22:15h, 20 April Reply

    Sehr interessant. Besonders, da es auf der CryEngine basiert (Ich arbeite selbst damit und freue mich über jedes Spiel, das mit der Engine gemacht wird). Außerdem freut es mich ungemein, wenn es von einem münchner Studio (ich wohne in München) gemacht wird! Werde dem Spiel jedenfalls folgen! Viel Erfolg!

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