About This Project

DareDino is a three-dimensional action-rpg with randomly generated dungeons set in a prehistoric world. It is inspired by Diablo and roguelike games like Rogue Legacy.


Players spend most of their playtime in randomly generated dungeons. The longer players stay in a dungeon, the higher the difficulty, so enemies become increasingly tougher and fights get more challenging. At the same time, players can find rarer loot and items with better stats. From time to time, players will find a portal that brings them back to the HUB area. Whenever they return to the HUB area, all their spoils are safe. Should they die in the dungeon, they will lose most of their spoils.


An special credit is due to our past teammembers Cindy, Robin, Carolina, Thomas, Rebekka, Phillip.



  • randomly generated dungeons for endless exploration.
  • a combo system with finishers and several cool skills to mix combat up.
  • a multitude of enemies with
  • unique behaviour per type
  • dynamic group behaviour makes enemies feel more realistic
  • randomly generated skills for boss enemies so players have to stay on their toes
  • 4 different settings for dungeons
  • 9 difficulty levels in dungeons, ranging from “very easy” to “start praying”
  • cross platform savegame synchronisation so players can play anywhere, anytime
Core Games
Action-RPG, DareDino, Dinosaur